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What Others Have to Say

Dr. Ronnie Owens

Praise the Lord! It is my joy to recommend without any reservation Trevor Thomas Ministries to everyone. I have known Trevor for almost 25 years. He is very funny. He is entertaining. He is very serious about people being saved. Your people will love him! Blessings

Dr. Ronnie Owens, Higher Ground Baptist Church - Kingsport, TN

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Trevor Thomas in various capacities. I have been his producer for nearly 20 years. His unique approach to entertainment and ministry is characterized by his drive for excellence, creativity, and a love for God and people. His ministry is truly something to be experienced. I highly recommend him! He is a blessing to all audiences and a joy to work with in the Christian music industry.”

Shane Roark, Chapel Valley Music, Sharps Chapel, TN
“Trevor has a ministry that has touched hearts and souls all across the country. For us, getting to know Trevor has certainly been a blessing and has enriched our lives. He has a delightful personality and it’s so pleasant to be in his company. We love his humor and wit, but most of all his heart to share the gospel in his unique way. Trevor captivates the attention of young and old and will certainly stir and touch your emotions. As I witness his amazing talent, I think of all the people I have known and wish they could enjoy seeing and hearing this unusual ministry. Trevor leaves a longlasting, powerful impression that changes lives for the cause of Christ. If a lost person had the opportunity to witness the clear and powerful presentation, I don’t see how they could walk away and not be saved. I thank God for Trevor Thomas, his witness has made me a better Christian and has given me the desire to do more for my Savior.
Geraldine Ragan, of “Geraldine and Ricky”
“Trevor’s high energy and fun personality is a blessing. Our people laughed, sand along and thoroughly enjoyed having him here. We booked him right away for another event later this year. Trevor will be a blessing to you as he uses his significant gifts as a musician, storyteller and actor in service to our Lord.”
Rev. John Martin, Associate Pastor, Bell Shoals Baptist Church, Brandon, FL
“He will not only benefit your church but you will enjoy the laughter as well as the tears as you see the good news of Christ performed before your eyes… He was truly a blessing to us and I am looking forward to having him back with us again.”
Rev. Don White, East Point Assembly of God, Tampa, FL
“Trevor has a unique ministry of humor, mime, and drama that made a tremendous impact on all ages. If you desire to schedule someone who loves the Lord and has a heartfelt desire to share the Gospel with others, then I would recommend the ministry of Trevor Thomas without any reservations.”
Rev. Joseph A. Bowles, Shiloh Baptist Church, Plant City, FL
“After hearing such great words from other ministers about Trevor, I was excited to finally get to experience his ministry. He exceeded all expectations. Trevor Thomas presents a rare combination of unforgettable creativity and Spirit-filled ministry. He has the ability to transport a congregation from the 21st century to the first century, from laughter to tears (and back again), from slumber to spiritual awakening, and from confusion to understanding. Whether it’s a banquet, conference, worship service or concert, his powerful presentations will affect an audience for a lifetime.”
Matt Tullos, Louisiana Baptist Convention, Associate Director of Communications
“There are quite a few adjectives to describe the ministry of Trevor Thomas. The one that immediately comes to mind is “AWESOME”. I have known Trevor for a number of years, but had never seen his ministry. So, when he came to my area, my wife Michelle and I encountered Trevor’s work for the first time. We were blown away. I highly recommend this incredible, far from the norm ministry to your church or function. Trevor’s ministry is an absolute need in our world today.”
Clayton Inman, Triumphant Quartet
“One only needs to see his face and hear his voice to know exactly who Trevor Thomas represents. The Good News is always his theme. The love of Christ is the ever present spirit. With Trevor, it is not a performance, it’s a passion. The artistry of Trevor Thomas serves to simplify the complexities of scripture and make them clear to the listener. It is the power of preaching with the spectacle of drama. Having worked and traveled with Trevor, I found a gracious and talented young servant with an impeccable character. What a treasure to find in young men of this day.”
Larry Ford, Gaither Homecoming Video Series
“We have been privileged to have Trevor teach and perform at our National Creative Arts Festivals, where churches across the country come to learn how to incorporate the creative arts in worship, ministry, and missions. Trevor is multi-talented. He can teach acting as well as be a main stage personality and teach with the same ease as he delivers a comedy routine. He does this all with the same purpose, to point the audience to the Savior.”
Christy Haines, Former Executive Director Christian Creative Arts Association
“Trevor has been greatly used at our PowerLife Conferences and Camps. His use of drama mixed with humor and mime is extremely effective. The message is always clear, and Jesus Christ is always lifted up. Without hesitation, please let me encourage you to use Trevor Thomas. I praise God for his spirit and his compassion. But most of all, I am grateful for his love for evangelism and people. I promise you that you will be glad you invited Trevor to come and open his heart to your people.”
Rick Coram, Evangelist, Rick Coram Ministries, PowerLife Conferences and Camps

“It is not often that you find someone with as much talent as Trevor “Mr. Drama” Thomas. When I first met Trevor, our family was quickly drawn to his charisma, and his ability to reach the audience. Whether he is using drama or comedy, God is always honored, and lives are changed.  I highly recommend that you schedule Trevor Thomas Drama Ministries. Sonshine Promotions has used him on cruises and other special events throughout the country. Trevor has always been easy to work with and we appreciate his work ethic. He is the utmost professional and I know that you will not be disappointed in hosting Trevor.”

Travis Roark, Sonshine Group & Chapel Valley Music - Sharps Chapel, TN
“Trevor is a “button man”: Happy Button, Encouragement Button, Inspiration Button, etc. As you leave his program you will be amazed at his talent and all your “buttons” that he pushed, for the Lord, of course. A great ministry and family!”
Squire Parsons, Beulah Land Music
Trevor and Sawyer Thomas are “REAL.” I feel that’s one of the highest compliments a minister can receive from anyone. Trevor delivers on every promise or expectation. His heart for Christ is obvious and evident from the the time he enters your building and begins set up. His presentation is relatable as he connects with a congregation on a level that few can or ever do. Anyone would be wise to extend a regular invitation to this precious family.
Rev. Wayne Hunt, Senior Pastor, Coteau Baptist Church Houma, LA
“Trevor Thomas has a refreshing yet innovative method of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without changing the message, Trevor has a unique and different approach to ministry. It is a new method but with the same powerful message of our God. He ministers in a way that makes you laugh, yet it is so anointed, it touches the very core of your soul. I believe God has raised him up in the last days to use this unusual ministry to reach people that have been untouched by traditional methods. I also believe God is using him to bring joy back into our churches and spread the medicine of laughter to hurting, broken people. I would encourage you to bring Trevor Thomas into your church and it will never be the same.
Rev. Jeff Prewer, Freedom Life Church of God– Henderson, NC